The corporation designed for love and faith, Endowed dignity and producing helpful food stuff for the nation

"We, the pelican will take the initiative steps in move forward."

I would like to express my heartful appreciations for ladies and gentlemen Who have had an opportunity to visiting this head office of the pelicana, today. Throughout numbers of decades, the pelicana, korea devoted most of our times and effort in promoting the quality of the "pelicana, korea" the blend name. Our experiences and knowhow, accumulated during 30 years, in this part of the business the pelicana, korea have had a chance to establish over 2000 Branches, shops and franchises around the country. I have no reservation to say that this greate achievement had ever made under the result of dedicative efforts, toward building best qualified corporation, rendered by men and women of the pelicana family as well as great support from the pelicana customers, around the country. We, the pelican corp, hereafter, will devote most of our effort in rewriting a "mythological story" of success, with our faith and driving forces. Further, We, members of the pelican families will serve you with our Utmost kindness and qualitative pelican products. We, wish your continual love and support with pelicana and we will promise that we will do more work in promoting our business as a "business of our nations"

Thank you.

Yang hee-Kweon  President, Pelicana Korea 

257 Wangdae-ri Duma-myeon Gyeryong-city, Chungnam province TEL 82-42-551-2211