1. Qualification of franchisee
  - one who desired to establish and operate eating-out business.
- one who desired to convert business types.
- retiree from coorporation
- one who wants to operate business in partnership with man and Wife.

2. Temperament of franchisee
  - one who highly appetence to cookery of chicken.
- one who qualified to operate eating-out business.
- one who can manage him or herself professionally.
- one who fully equipped with service mind.

3. Sequence to establish franchise

4. Details of establishment of franchise by type of business
  - basic condition :  One who desire to convert to eat-out business from
 Other types of business,
  - standard type   :  [Least space requirement] : 33㎡/10pyeong at office town Close to traffic area
 or alley where crowed with eating out.
 Other types of business,
Classification Standard type
Concept Brand type
Location/site Near to housing area, (apartment house / singleness house)
Distinctive feature Required mess feeding interior design
Actual area in ㎡ More than 33㎡/10pyeong
Clients Children, teen ages, adults, family type customers

5. Details of establishment of franchise - (amount of investment)
  - the amount investment will vary from location to location.
- basic concept : standard type
- standard space requirement : over 33 ㎡/10 pyeong)
- qualification :life time business to be operated by man and wife:
Classification Standard type(33㎡) Remarks
Affiliation fee \3,000,0000 Brand fee, training fee, inheriting fee, admission fee
Deposit \500,000 Security for supplies (refund upon completion of contract)
Interior work \12,000,000 Vary from place to place (excluding electricity work and
Removal, upon completion of contract)
Signboard \2,500,000 Vary from types of shop
Kitchen utensils \900,000 Vary from one to the others (with exclusion of gas range,
refrigerator, sink, and frying pot/kettle)
Total \7,000,000 With exclusion of value added tax
General expenses Excluded Air conditioner, audio, telephone, etc.

6. Indispensible remarks in establishment of chain store
  you will be ranked as one of best businessman, if you eligible to own and Operating a best and
popular chicken store in the country.

  - essential factors in establishing a pelicana chain store?
  You will be qualified to establish a chain store if you own or eligible to lease a shop in area of around
30-33㎡, be sure to attach a Sketch map, shown exact location of the store at signing contract.

  - you will be fully supported by head office
  You will guarantee to own high income chicken business store. Your business will be fully supported
by all means of advertisement Medias such as : nationwide tv medias, radio broadcasting medias,
News papers, magazines, leaflets, etc. Beside, you will also be supported various market informations
Including on the spot market boosting event.

  - please do not hesitate to contact with following phone and fax if you Have any other
inquiries on establishing chain store.
  Phone:82-42-841-9292, Fax:82-42-841-8989

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